Product Catalogs

Integrated With Your Product Suppliers

Access over 17,000 pre-configured products from more than 20 industry-leading wholesale apparel suppliers across the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and Australia.

Say Goodbye To Manual Product Uploads

With a single click, you can add thousands of products from your favorite apparel catalogs. All with apparel sizes, color, and decoration areas predefined. Enable a supplier’s entire catalog or tailor to the particular supplier brands you want to make available.

Integrate Featured Catalogues

Access thousands of products from the industry’s leading brands with pre-configured product codes, views, colorways, sizes, descriptions and weights. The supplier integrations are updated bi-weekly and set to include the most popular or in-demand products.
S&S Activewear​
BTC Activewear​
The Magic Touch

Featured Integrated Apparel Catalogs

Thousands of products from your favorite apparel catalog suppliers are pre-configured with descriptions, prices, sizes, colors, and product views pre-defined with decoration areas.

Boutique Integrated Apparel Catalogs

Captivate your customers with a line-up of unique product offerings through our boutique integrated apparel catalogs. Perfect for niche customers looking for something different.

Optimized For The Online Designer

When customers use the Online Designer to mock-up artwork on a product, they see a true representation of their order. The design view shows seams, pockets, zippers, along with minimum or maximum artwork sizes.

DecoNetwork. Your Foundation For Business Growth.

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customer to do business with you. Request your free software tour today to learn how to get started with DecoNetwork.

Live Purchase Order Integrations

Instantly submit your purchase order directly to your supplier with the peace of mind that stock availability and pricing will always be up to date.

Live apparel catalog integration is available with Alphabroder, BTC Activewear, S&S Activewear and SanMar.

Apparel Products You Can Decorate On

Our technology intelligently categorizes products by their fabric type, feel and stretchability, and associates these product properties with a decoration process so that you can decorate on them.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Automation

Avoid those costly errors and ensure your profitability on each order by automatically tallying the product you need, establishing dynamic product price tables, configuring your decoration costs, calculating shipping expenses, and more.

Automate Your Inventory

Know exactly what product you have on-hand with automated product inventory levels that add, deduct, and remove product offerings from your website at a SKU level.


Automate Your Pricing

Keep pricing consistent, accurate, and up-to-date with automated calculations to product costs, decorating costs, and shipping costs to secure your profits on each transaction.

Easily Display Apparel Catalogs On Your Website

Simply choose your prefered apparel catalogs to update your website. Instantly, your customers have access browse your product offerings, read product descriptions, check sizes and colors, and create original product artwork mock-ups with our Online Designer

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